State of California Labor

From 2001 to 2004, The State of California Labor was published annually by the statewide Institute for Labor and Employment to document key developments affecting the California workforce. It continues to serve as a resource for labor scholars, policy makers, union organizers, and others interested in critical issues facing the nation's bellwether state in the labor and employment domain.



The State of California Labor 2004
Examines issues that focus on the state's lowest-paid workers, yet have implications for all Californians. Among them are the hidden costs to the state's taxpayers of the unrestrained growth of low-wage jobs that offer few or no fringe benefits, survey findings regarding California's new paid family leave law, and the transformation of low-wage jobs through unionization and political action into positions that provide a living wage.


The State of California Labor 2003
Investigates the rise in California's union membership and union density, a development that defies the national trend and explodes assumptions that the U.S. labor movement is in irreversible decline. This volume includes findings from the first comprehensive survey of the state's union membership since the mid-1980s.


The State of California Labor 2002
Looks at the growing gap between rich and poor in California's postindustrial economy. This volume explores the bifurcation of the state's workforce, with blue-collar, lower-level white collar, and service workers at one end and professionals and managers at the other, and evaluates the challenges faced by the state's low-wage workers, who find that their opportunities for upward mobility are increasing compromised.


The State of California Labor 2001
Covers a broad range of topics that explore the enormous challenges posed by a quickly changing workforce and economy, including earnings inequality, immigrant labor, informal employment, agricultural workers, the minimum wage, worker safety, welfare reform, and organized labor.


Editor: Ruth Milkman, UCLA
Managing Editor: Rebecca Frazier
Associate Editors: Christopher Erickson, UCLA; Michael Reich, UC Berkeley; Margaret Weir, UC Berkeley

Editorial Advisory Board: Kate Bronfenbrenner, Cornell University; Dorothy Sue Cobble, Rutgers University; Fred Feinstein, University of Maryland; Richard Freeman, Harvard University; Larry Mishel, Economic Policy Institute;
Paul Osterman, MIT; Joel Rogers, University of Wisconsin, Madison