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Economic and Production Impacts of the 2009 California Film and Television Tax Credit

Lauren Appelbaum, Chris Tilly and Juliet Huang

Sponsored by the non-partisan think tank The Headway Project, the report concluded that the California Film & Television Tax Credit Program does benefit the state in creating jobs, but the return on the subsidy may not be as great as previously calculated by the Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation.


IRLE Reports

IRLE Research and Policy Briefs

IRLE Research Briefs focus on labor and employment issues in California 


#39: "Current Challenges to Workers and Unions in Brazil"

Roberto Véras de Oliveira

February 2016

#38: "Wage Inequality and the Liberalization of Industrial Relations in the United States"

Anthony Roberts

November 2015

IRLE Director Chris Tilly Co-Edits Briefs for the UCLA Center for the Study of Women


#37: "The 'Raise the Wage' Coalition in Los Angeles: Framing Opportunity Against Corporate Power"

Fernando Cortés Chirino

August 2015

#36: "Why the City of Ontario Needs to Raise the Minimum Wage: Earnings Among Warehouse Workers in Inland Southern California"

Ellen Reese, Juliann Allison, and Joel Herrera

July 2015



Recent IRLE Reports


Is California's Gig Economy Growing?  Exploring Trends in Independent Contracting

Robert Habans

UCLA Institute for Research on Labor and Employment


Profile, Practices and Needs of California's Domestic Work Employers

Saba Waheed, Lucero Herrera, Ryna Orellana, Blake Valenta and Tia Koonse

UCLA Labor Center


Get To Work or Go To Jail:  Workplace Rights Under Threat

UCLA Institute for Research on Labor and Employment

UCLA Labor Center

A New Way of Life Reentry Project

Contributors:  Noah Zatz, Tia Koonse, Theresa Zhen, Lucero Herrera, Han Lu, Steven Shafer, and Black Valenta


Exploring the Costs of Classifying Workers as Independent Contractors: Four Illustrative Sectors

Robert Habans

UCLA Institute for Research on Labor and Employment