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Journal of Workplace Rights, Vol 15, No 3 and 4: Special Double Issue: Labor in the Global South

Edited by: Abigail Cooke, Taekyoon Lim, Peter Norlander, Elena Shih and Chris Tilly

IRLE's spring 2011 grad student research conference, "Labor in the Global South: A Search for Solutions" has resulted in a special double issue of the Journal of Workplace Rights. IRLE Director Chris Tilly co-edited the issue with UCLA graduate students. Articles cover topics ranging from worker center organizing on the US-Mexico border to the culture of Nepalese road-builders in India. Available through Baywood Publishing Company .


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Labor in the Global South: A Search for Solutions

Abigail Cooke, Taekyoon Lim, Peter Norlander, Elena Shih, and Chris Tilly



Marx, Polanyi, and... Informal Workers?  Toward a New Social Contract for Workers

Rina Agarwala, Chris Tilly

December 2015


The Future of Work: From Dystopia to Utopia?

Peter Evans, Chris Tilly

November 2015

Patterns of Work-Related Injury and Common Injury Experiences of Workers in the Low-Wage Labor Market

Kevin Riley, Doug Morier

*Report to the Commission on Health and Safety and Workers' Compensation California Department of Industrial Relations

March 2015

Social Movement Unionism in Practice: Organizational Dimensions of Union Mobilization in the Los Angeles Immigrant Rights Marches

Cassandra Engeman

*Published in Work, Employment and Society Journal

*Received IRLE research support and Honorable Mention for the 2015 Harry Braverman Award from the Society for the Study of Social Problems, Labor Studies Division

Beyond ‘contratos de protección’: Strong and weak unionism in Mexican retail enterprises

Chris Tilly

* IRLE Director Chris Tilly’s recent article, “Beyond ‘contratos de protección’: Strong and weak unionism in Mexican retail enterprises,” has been awarded the Social Sciences Essay Award by the Mexico Section of the Latin American Studies Association.



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State of California Labor

From 2001 to 2004, The State of California Labor was published annually by the statewide Institute for Labor and Employment to document key developments affecting the California workforce. It continues to serve as a resource for labor scholars, policy makers, union organizers, and others interested in critical issues facing the nation's bellwether state in the labor and employment domain. The contents of back issues are available here.


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