What Can Your Money Buy?

Your contribution can make a difference in the life of a Labor and Workplace Studies minor student. Here’s how!





Professional and Graduate School Workshop

Helps us hold a practical workshop that prepares students for professional and graduate school focusing on writing sample, personal statement, application preparation, etc.



Career Panel

Allows us to assemble a panel of successful lawyers, executives, educators, urban planners, organizers, and other professionals to talk to minor students about different career opportunities, strategies for success in the job market, and professional advancement.


















Service Learning Placement

Offers a student and opportunity to apply classroom learning to work with local agencies that effect positive change in the community.


Job Fair

Students can talk with recruiters about employment, internship, and volunteer opportunities.


Transportation for Field Trips

Allows us to provide student transportation for a field trip conducted for class instruction



Allows us to recognize the hard work and accomplishment of our students, as well as the support of their families, with a graduation ceremony.



Labor Studies Class

The cost of running one quarter long class for our students. We generally run around 10-15 classes each year, not including cross-listed courses.