Service Learning


Ideas in Action, Critical Reflection

Key courses in the minor blend classroom and field placement experiences, bringing ideas and action into a fruitful dialogue that reinforces student learning.  These service-learning opportunities engage students with professionals, community activists, and the public to gain critical perspectives on the minor’s core subjects. Most students participate in 40 hours of community engagement over the course of the quarter (a few, for logistical reasons, may opt for a longer research paper).  This fieldwork often culminates in a paper or in-class presentation given by the student.

Our Labor Minor courses generally follow this model of classroom and field experience, or engage students in a collaborative research or public engagement project.  For instance, in “Immigrant Rights, Labor and Higher Education” (LBR&WS M166B) students learn about immigration law and policy in the contemporary U.S., the political contesting these policies, and the place of immigrant students in colleges and universities.  Under the instruction of Kent Wong (Director of the UCLA Labor Center), students in this class have participated in the creation of documentary films, the organization of public forums featuring key political leaders, and the publication of original works of scholarship such as Underground Undergrads and Undocumented and Unafraid that chronicle the lives of undocumented students.